Natural Male Enhancement

Ok. The harsh truth is this; any woman who says that size doesn’t matter is flat-out lying to you. Maybe she does that to save your feelings. They tend to do that.

With that said it takes more than just being at the right size to be a good lover, it is still one of the variables. Of course, the techniques do matter, but the truth is having that ‘ideal’ size of a penis just makes it that much better for her.

Natural Male Enhancement

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Many men make the assumption that the size of their penis is something that is determined by birth. The truth is that you can actually alter the size of your penis significantly, without surgeries, or painful procedures.

What are the options for male enhancement?

Many men make the mistake of thinking that the only way to get permanent results for penis size is by going through painful surgery, or to accept what they currently have. The assumptions that these methods are not effective and that most of them are just a gimmick. So that just leads some of us to settle for the mediocre sex life with small-sized penis hoping that lie women feed us were true.

The good news is there really are ways to increase the length and the girth. The two options are either to get penis enlargement surgery (no thanks!), or by using natural, effective and proven ways.

Obviously, the big advantage of the natural ways over surgery is that there is less risk, downtime and pain associated with using natural methods to increase the overall size of your penis.

Natural methods to increase the penis size may take a longer time, and much more patience, but there is no risk involved and the results are lasting. Unlike surgery, there is no risk to impotence, or disfigurement. If you are prepared to be patient, and to take the necessary steps to increase your penis size, it can be done without pain and it can be done the healthy way.

Penis enlargement surgery can:

  • Cause permanent damage
  • Leave you impotent
  • Be very painful
  • Require a large recovery time
  • Offer no guarantee
  • Be expensive and not covered by insurance
  • Require a long time away from work

The natural method to male enhancement

The natural way to increase both the girth and length of your penis is through stretching and increasing the blood flow.

1) Stretching – By stretching the penis, you open up the space between the cells. When that happens, the body is naturally stimulated to fill in the gaps with additional cells. That results in lengthening of the penis.

The results of stretching the penis with intervals over time are permanent and lasting. It actually promotes growth to your penis that you assumed was forever done for after puberty.

2) Increase blood flow to penis chambers – The second part of the natural growth of your penis is to increase the blood flow. The corpus carnovaso (penis chamber) becomes engorged with blood during arousal which leads to an erection. The theory is by forcing more blood through the veins in effect, it can increase the size of the vessels permanently which result in a longer, harder erection.

What are the different natural penis enlargement methods?

1) Penis Enlargement Pills – Penis enlargement pills contain the ingredients that allegedly increase the blood flow to the penis. The structure of the penis is comprised of the corpora cavernosa which becomes filled with blood during arousal. It is that engorgement which results in the erection of the penis.

In theory, the pills are designed to increase the blood flow to the penis to allow it to be more erect and hard. By supplying the penis with more blood, men can obtain a harder penis for more extended periods of time. They are also designed to increase the stamina and sexual desire of men.

Penis enlargement pills can be ideal for men who are experiencing problems with premature ejaculation, or an erection which is not sustainable, or hard enough. Sometimes there can be a decrease in blood flow to the penis, especially with impending age. When that happens, it becomes increasingly harder for a man to maintain or to obtain an erection at all.

Male enhancement pills are designed to increase the blood flow. There are some products which work immediately by opening up the blood flow, but are designed to be used for one time use. There are other male enhancement pills that are designed for longer term, opening up the circulation for extended periods of time and effectively creating lasting change.

2) Penis stretchers – Penis stretchers are designed to grow the length of the penis, not only when it is erect, but when it is flaccid. A penis stretcher is a device that is worn on the penis that is expected to stretch it during intervals of time.

The device is placed on the penis while flaccid and stretches it. When the penis is stretched, it opens up the space between the cells of the penis. When that happens, the body is stimulated to increase the cells to fill in the spaces. That helps to permanently grow the penis. Once the gaps are filled in, the penis is lengthened for good.

It has been said that penis stretchers have been used for medicinal purposes throughout the decades. They are used in cosmetic and reconstructive surgeries to increase the cells that a surgeon has to work with for an individual. They are a proven method of penis growth that involves no risk to the man who uses them and are a viable way to gain inches on the length of your penis.

For safety and efficacy, they must first be worn for shorter periods of time, but with time, they become more comfortable, allowing the man to wear them throughout the day for long periods of time. They are a discrete way to increase the length of the penis without anyone knowing and without the risk of surgery.

3) Penis pumps – Penis pumps are a great way to increase the size of the penis while erect. They supply blood to the penis while erect to make it both fuller and longer.

Working on the girth of the penis, it supplies pressure to the exterior of the penis. In doing so it enlarges the amount of blood that is supplied to the penis allowing for a much harder erection. The pressure in the tube forces the veins that supply the penis to be altered permanently.

Unlike male enhancement pills, they can affectedly open up the size of the veins that supply blood permanently so that the penis can achieve greater girth and size every time that an erection is achieved. They have also been used by the medical community with success over the years. It is important to buy one that has the best materials. Because the pressure within the tube is like a vacuum, it can be dangerous to choose one that is not safe. Constant pressure must be obtained in order not only for them to work effectively, but to minimize the risk that they can cause damage to the penis.

4) Penis oils and gels – Penis oils and gels are great for immediate growth of the penis while it is erect, or during arousal. They work by targeting the blood flow to the penis. When applied to the penile area, blood flow is increased giving the man a much harder and more lasting erection. Unlike male enhancement pills, they work immediately and do not have the side effects or risks associated with pills that can be lasting and lead to dangerous health consequences.

5) Penis exercises – Penis exercises are also a great way to increase the size and the girth of your penis. Like any other structure in the body, when the penis is exercised slowly, increasing the duration and strength, it effectively lengthens the penis.

The exercises allow the penis to growth through strengthening the structures around it. Exercises can lead to permanent results, but they are something that must be done on a continual and consistent basis.

Which methods are better than the other?

There are ways to increase the size of your penis naturally. All of the methods undertaken have their own strengths and weaknesses for use. And these methods are all indicated differently depending on what the desired results are and what the problem you are trying to overcome is.

One thing for certain is they are always preferable to surgery in terms of safety and comfort. And they all work when you make the commitment to follow the instructions and to use them effectively. Which ones you choose is really a personal preference.

If you are looking to increase the length of your penis, then penis pumps, penis extenders and penis exercises are the best way to effectively bring out permanent change. They work on the penis in the flaccid state to bring about change to the overall size including when erect. They are the best for a man looking to take the time to produce change who is willing to put the work in to do so. They are those methods which have permanent change attached.

If you are looking to increase the size and the stamina of your erection than using male enhancement pills, oils and lotions are a great way to increase the size of your erection. They not only work by increasing the blood flow immediately to the penis, they help to intensify your erection and your sexual experience.

Although the pills and lotions are not in themselves the methods which increase the size of your penis, they are a great quick fix to help to satisfy your partner. They can turn back the hands of time for those who are not able to maintain an erection, or have one that is not rock hard. They effectively make the sexual experience longer and more intense.

The best way to get the length that you really desire is to combine methods. The best part of natural male enhancement methods is to combine the. By undertaking more than one method at a time you can actually see improvement in the size of your penis when flaccid, and when erect. You also are able to bring about changes not only to the length of your penis, but to the girth as well.

Since it is proven that a women’s sexual experienced is heightened when the girth is larger, it is best to target both forms of growth. Every man wants to have a bigger penis, but studies suggest that it may be the girth which is more relevant to women.

Combining methods makes the penis not only larger, but function better. The methods can combine to increase the sexual desire of men and to give them more sexually satisfying intercourse. It is better to combine all the methods to achieve the results you desire.

Why combination natural methods work over surgery

Surgery to increase the size of your penis is only indicated when all other natural methods fail. Surgery is not only painful, there are huge risks involved. If you are looking to increase the size of your penis, cutting into the penis, or altering it runs the risk that you will do harm to the function of it.

The last thing that you want to jeopardize is the function of the penis. Surgeries can alter the function of the penis and render you impotent. Although size is important if you have surgery that does not go well, you run the risk of having a penis that no longer works. Size won’t matter if it doesn’t work the way that it is supposed to.

Penis lengthening surgery involves stretching the penis and adding a filler or an implant. The penis is actually cut into and then something is added to lengthen the size of the penis. You can quickly see how when you cut into your penis you run the immediate risk of severing blood supply, or in altering the way that it functions naturally. Lengthening surgery does nothing differently than natural methods to do it, but they carry all the risks associated. They work by adding things that you can gain naturally with other male enhancement methods.

Penis girth surgery involves adding additional fat cells to the penis to give it a greater girth. Adding a foreign substance to the penis always runs the risk of injury of rejection and may not be a safe way to increase the girth of the penis. Since substances are being added you also run the risk of altering the function of the penis.


If you are looking to increase the size of your penis by an inch or two, you have two options. You can either try natural methods of male enhancement that will increase the size of your penis, but come with substantial risk, or you can try all natural methods which are proven to increase the size and the girth of your penis without the same risks involved.

There are many effective natural methods of penis enhancement that work by making the commitment, without the cost. It is always best to try those methods which come without risk than to try those which you can run the risk of doing potential long term risk to the function of the penis. After all, the size won’t matter if it no longer works the way that it is supposed to.

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