Erectile Dysfunction and Heart Diseases

There can be increased risks of heart disease with erectile dysfunction. You can be able to predict the risk of heart disease if you have erectile dysfunction type 2 as compared to blood pressure or high cholesterol. But still ED is being treated as a lifestyle or recreational issue and it is not being taken as predictor of serious heart disease.

There has been decrease in the deaths due to stroke and heart diseases in people about 75 years but still there is need of screening for the patients of erectile dysfunction with heart disease or diabetes. This issue is ignored because of word erection for the patients as they expect that they might not have positive response.

ED can be very stressful but it can not be life threatening. ED is the difficulty in maintaining erection for sex and it can be early sign of heart disease. You can be able to find signs and symptoms of heart problems by understating connection between heart problems and erectile dysfunctions. It is important for you to get treatment of heart problems due to erectile dysfunction. The right treatment of heart disease can help you with erectile dysfunction.

Erectile dysfunction and heart disease can meet with clogged arteries with each other.

The hardening of arteries is known as atherosclerosis in which plaque of arteries builds up in different body parts. The arteries become hard and narrow providing limited blood flow. The blood supplying arteries to the penis are smaller as compared to the arteries blood supplying to the heart and these symptoms can show up as erectile dysfunction. There can be heart disease with atherosclerosis in arteries which can supply blood to the heart. There can be increased risks of stroke, aneurysm and peripheral artery disease with atherosclerosis.

Certain men are at increased risk

There can be increased risks heart diseases and atherosclerosis with erectile dysfunction.

  • There can be increased risks of ED in men with diabetes and heart problems.
  • ED at younger age can be sing of heart disease especially men under age of 50 years but it can not be sign of heart disease in men over 70 years.
  • You can have increased risks of erectile dysfunction and heart disease if you are obese or overweight.
  • There can be atherosclerosis with high level of low density lipoprotein cholesterol.
  • You can have atherosclerosis with smoking which can affect your erection directly.
  • There can be damage to arteries lining with high blood pressure which can lead to atherosclerosis.
  • You can have erectile dysfunction if you have heart disease in your family.
  • Depression can be major cause of erectile dysfunction.

Erectile Dysfunction, Heart Disease and Other Vascular Diseases

The narrowing of arteries can be due to atheroma which is in the form of plaques and fatty patches and is developed in the lining of the arteries. This plaque is normally formed over many years in different places in the body but it is common in brain, legs, heart and penis.

These plaques can become triggers and cause narrowing of many arteries causing erectile dysfunction problems and symptoms. There can be increased risks of atheroma due to certain risk factors due to which conditions can become worse. You can be able to prevent atheroma related conditions due to risk factors from getting worse.

  • There can be atheroma problem due to smoking and it can also lead to the erectile dysfunction. The young smokers are at greater risks of developing erectile dysfunction as compared to the middle aged smokers. It is good for you to stop smoking.
  • It is important for you to keep on checking blood pressure because there can be risks of erectile dysfunction due to high blood pressure.
  • You should be able to lose your weight if you are overweight because it can also lead to ED.
  • High cholesterol should be avoided.
  • It is important for you to take some moderate physical activity at least 30 minutes daily like walking, swimming, dancing and cycling.
  • You should eat healthy diet and avoid alcohol excess.
  • The blood sugar level should be controlled if you have diabetes because it can cause problems.

It can take several years for erectile dysfunction due to narrowing of arteries before any problems or symptoms due to coronary narrowing arteries or some other arteries. Therefore we can say that erectile dysfunction can be an early warning of the heart disease or some other cardiovascular diseases. The narrowing of arteries can be prevented easily if you take care about your lifestyle.

Little changes in your lifestyle can help you to get rid of this problem. There can be increased risks of heart attack in men if they have erectile dysfunction problem. These men are twice as likely to have heart problems, 20 percent more likely to have heart failure problems and 10 percent can have stroke problem mainly due to erectile dysfunction.

It is important for you to consult with your doctor in this situation who cans advice you about the ways through which you can be able to modify risk factors. This advice can also help you to prevent heart diseases and other cardiovascular diseases from developing.

Treatment for erectile dysfunction caused by heart disease

You can be able to keep your heart healthy by making simple healthy lifestyle changes like walking, exercising, losing weight and eating balanced diet.

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