Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

What is Erectile Dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction or impotency is the inability to attain or maintain an erection of the penis sufficient for satisfactory sexual performance. This most common sexual disorder can occur and affect men of any age. Small periods of erectile difficulties are not uncommon and there is nothing to be worries about.

treating erectile dysfunction

However, if the problem persists for longer duration (weeks or months), then medical help is required. Recent data has indicated that the prevalence of erectile dysfunction of any degree is 39% in men 40 years old, and 67% in those aged 70 years.


There are various and often multiplying underlying causes of ED. Many medical and psychological factors are responsible for development of ED. The most important organic causes are heart diseases (high cholesterol levels and hypertension) and diabetes. Both these conditions cause narrowing of arteries and veins in the penis, thereby affecting the blood flow.

Other causes include decreased levels of testosterone, trauma to the pelvis and bladder; high intake of unhealthy diet; medications (anti-depressanrs and tranquilizers), high consumption of alcohol, imbalance in hormone levels and low fiber diet. Psychological factors including stress, depression, anxiety, relationship issues and performance pressure are also responsible for causing erectile dysfunction.


Diagnosis is made on the basis of complete sexual, medical and psychosocial history. Your physician will ask details about this delicate topic to assess the condition and rule out other medical causes. Investigations like blood tests for evaluating your hormone levels, glucose and thyroid function are done. Once these tests are done, your doctor will perform penile or pelvic blood flow studies. Penile function is evaluated by directly injecting PGE1 in to the penis.


Apart from putting strain on your relationship with your partner, erectile dysfunction for a longer time can cause low self-esteem. Therefore, the first thing is to consult and talk about the problem in detail with your doctor. He will assess the situation and try to find out the physical cause, if any, behind the problem.

In 75% of the cases, it is due to the physical causes. Psychosocial counselling is an important part of the treatment during which any emotional or sexual issues are discussed with therapist. If anxiety or stress is known to be causing erectile dysfunction, sessions with sex therapist help in solving the issue.

Treatment of ED is done by assessing the underlying cause.

There are many reasonable treatment options ranging from oral medications to hormonal injections to surgical methods. If erectile dysfunction is due to any existing medical conditions like diabetes or heart diseases, treatment is given accordingly. If it is due to the prescribed medicines, talk to your doctor about any alternative medicine that can be taken.

Making small changes in your lifestyle can reduce ED symptoms. This includes reducing bodyweight, increasing physical activity, reducing the intake of alcohol and avoiding mental stress. Medications used for treating ED are known as Phosphodiestarase-5 (PDE-5) inhibitors. These include Viagra, MaleExtra, Performer5, Levitra and Cialis.

The action of these medications is similar to nitric acid, causing relaxation of penis muscles and increasing blood flow. This leads to harder and stronger erections. However, these medications are taken after talking to your physician as they are not advisable in patients with heart diseases and diabetes.

Hormonal injections and vacuum pumps are recommended in some cases where the medications are not advisable.

How Is Male Sexual Dysfunction Treated – The 5 Main Solutions

Male sexual dysfunction is a very disturbing condition for the victim. It can lead to ejaculation disorders, inhibited sexual desire, and erectile dysfunction which can worsen one’s self esteem and social skills. All these can further lead to a worsened low self esteem, depression and even withdrawal. The ultimate result of this is broken relationships, divorce, and separation.

In order to understand the best way to treat sexual dysfunction in a man, it is better to start with an understanding of it causes. There are two main causes of this dysfunction. These include physical factors and psychological factors.

The physical factors include injuries to the reproductive system as well as medical conditions, which include diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure, hormonal imbalances, neurological disorders, alcoholism, drug abuse and chronic diseases like kidney or liver failure. Some medications taken as prescriptions for certain ailments may also reduce sexual desire and function.

The psychological causes, on the other hand, include stress (work related or otherwise), relationship or marital problems, sexual performance concerns, feelings of guilt, depression, and the effects of a former sexual trauma like rape or forced masturbation.

Treatment of Male Sexual Dysfunction

In order to treat sexual dysfunction in a man, it is important to focus on the underlying causes before you even get a prescription drug or medication for it. Overcoming this underlying cause holds the key to full recovery from this disorder.

There are different approaches, however, that are used to treat this disorder. Below are the most common ones;

  1. Medical Treatment – This involves the treatment of the underlying cause of the dysfunction. The doctor identifies the actual cause that contributes to your dysfunction and starts treating it using the right medical procedures. If the cause is an injury to the penis, the doctor treats the injury and recommends the right drugs for proper healing.
  2. Medications – Recent developments in the medical field have produced medications that can improve the circulation of blood in the penis, thus restoring sexual performance. Such drugs include Viagra, MaleExtra, Performer5 and Levitra.
  3. Hormone therapy – A man who has low levels of testerone hormone, which is responsible for sexual performance, may have the hormone injected in to them to restore its levels. This can also be done in the form of testerone patches on the scrotum or other body parts, pills, or implantable pellets, all of which restore normal levels of the hormone in the body.
  4. Psychological therapy – Sessions with qualified counselors may help you to overcome sexual fears, trauma, anxiety, and guilt that impacts on your sexual performance. These sessions can be tailored to help you get over each fear gradually, with the overall result being a restored sexual appetite and function. 
  5. Communication and education – Attending classes that teach on sex, sexual behavior and response to sex can greatly help you to overcome anxiety and sexual fears. Open communication about your sexual needs and concerns is also recommended with your sexual partner to help overcome barriers to a healthy sexual life.

Simply put, the major treatment for male sexual dysfunction is a right attitude towards sex. Its primarily in the brain. Open communication with your sex partner is the basic key to resolving your sexual dysfunction problem.



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