History of Jelqing

The act of penis enlargement has been around for centuries. There has always been a fascination with large penises, and this can be seen as far back as 400BC where there were cave drawings in which males of high stature were usually drawn with huge penises. Large penises have always been seen as a symbol of manliness and confidence. And as so men have always looked for ways to enhance their manhood so to say in every and any way they could.

There are very well endowed gods and deitiys. Geb, the ancient Egyptian God of Creation, has a huge penis that always points to the heavens. Priapus a roman God was always described as having an enormous red-tipped penis thatwas always held proudly by him. African King Dihythia, is drawn sitting on his thrown holding his gigantic penis and is worshipped by women who want to be blessed by a touch of it. This is all quite extreme, but it explains a lot about today’s interest in male enhancement.

Over the course of history, men have tried many different methods to try and enlarge their penis. Some methods have found to be safe. And others well can just be described as borderline crazy, extreme and dangerous.

One of which involves attaching weights to the tips and scrotum to manually stretch out their penises. This practice goes back nearly 1800 years to the tribes in Africa.
This very unsafe method only compromises the penis shaft. Even though it can be effective in lengthening the penis, that is all it does. The penis then becomes weaker, thinner and then there is the risk of scarring, chronic pain, nerve damage, and the one thing males fear- impotence. Hanging weights and stretching the penis needless to say is not recommended.

One other technique practiced that is equally as dangerous is clamping. This is where the penis is constricted by using devices like rings, strings or wires even that is put tight at the base of the erect penis. The risk of the penis getting trapped is quite high. Actually in fact, this technique does not make the penis bigger but however keeps the penis in a erect state.

Great to say that now, there is a safer method of penis enlargement practiced these days that can enlarge the penis safely and naturally. And is called Jelqing, its not so much a new technique but one that has been researched and improved over thousands of years actually.

Jelqing also known as milking is a oenis exercise in which the male wraps his penis in a warm wash cloth and with the aid of a lubricant, milks the penis. After several months there all men see noticeable increase in girth and length if done properly.

The history of penis enlargement is really interesting, it helps us to understand why having a large penis is so important to men and how they will strive and do nearly anything to accomplish this.

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