Jelqing FAQ – Advanced

When should I do my jelqing exercises?

  • There is no set time that you should do your jelqing exercises. Some men do it in the morning, some at night. You can schedule them into a routine and perform them accordingly. However, as it has been proven that male testosterone levels are highest in the morning, doing them then may give you a slight advantage.

How should I schedule my jelqing routine, how often should I jelq?

  • Jelqing exercises should not be done more than five times a week. Reports by men that jelq say that the best routine for them is three days of jelqing, one day off, another two days of jelqing, and a day off at the end of the week. Doesn’t mean that you have to follow this routine, just make sure you don’t do more than five days of penis exercises a week. This is very important – You will cause serious damage to your penis if you do not give it time to heal properly. Follow the instructions. For more information get Penis Advantage.

How long can I keep on doing my jelqing routine?

  • Jelqing routines can be done for as long as you want. During the initial growth spurt, which happens along the first year of performing jelqing, you will see very visible changes. However after this you may only see very minimal yearly change in size.

I don’t have enough time to complete all my exercises at once, what should I do?

  • With a busy schedule finding the time to complete your jelqing exercises might be a problem. No worries, you can perform some in the morning. And some at night. This won’t affect your results as long as you complete all exercises daily.

Can I jelq while I am erect?

  • This is the most important. Never ever do your jelqing routines if you are anywhere near rock hard erections. Jelqing while fully erect can cause serious pain and damage. Always perform your exercises when you are semi erect.

With the constant stroking and touching of your penis you obviously may get harder as the exercises go on. Always stop and let your erection go down slightly before continuing your jelqing. Also if you do feel like ejaculating, pause for a while and let the feeling subside before continuing.

After some practice getting the optimal state of erection shouldn’t be a problem anymore and you will be able to perform your jelqing without any pauses.

What happens if I ejaculate while jelqing?

  • Ejaculating while jelqing, or even after completing your exercises arenot recommended This is because your body experiences a lot of changes during ejaculation. Your testosterone levels immediately drop, and your connective tissues start to tighten. These two things will affect your jelqing results tremendously.

If I feel sore or pain during my exercises, should I stop?

  • Slight soreness or discomfort might be felt during initial stages of jeqing. These are just minor and they will pass as you get used to the jelqing routines. However you should never ever be in pain. If you are you are doing the exercises wrongly of too often. Stop immediately if you feel pain. Rest from your routine a few days, but keep up with the hot wraps to help with recovery.

Why should we use hot towel wraps?

  • Hot towel wraps bring your testicles up to the optimal temperature. They are vital in the warm-up before your jeliqing routines. The serve two purposes which are to loosen your connective tissues that will increase blood circulation to your penis. And increase the amount of nutirents that reach your penis.

I am not circumcised, can I still perform jelqing the same way?

  • All jelqing exercises can be performed circumcised or not. For some exercises however you will need to use your free hand to pull the foreskin back into position as you jelq.
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