Jelqing FAQ – Basics

Is Jelqing Safe?

  • Jelqing is very safe as long as you follow strict and proper techniques, and that you don’t overdo it. This means that you should start slowly. Always warm up every session, and when you feel any pain or discomfort, stop. A lot of men try to do too much in a short time, and they try to continue the exercise even when there is. Always follow quality programs that show you how to do it so that you don’t injure yourself. We recommend Penis Advantage. Of course with any type of exercise there is always a slight risk of injury when not performed properly.

Can Jelqing Cause Damage?

  • There are lots of websites that state that you can cause damage to your penis by jelqing. Often they are trying to promote other male enhancement products other than jelqing. What they don’t state is that anyone that has ever had damaged or injured their penis form jelqing have only had that happened because they did not follow proper techniques.

Is Jelqing Healthy?

  • While it has never been scientifically proven, jelqing being a healthy exercise makes perfect sense. Jelqing is all about improving circulation, and by improving circulation of your penis, penis health improves.

Is Jelqing Scientifically Proven? If Not, Why Havent Any Studies Been Done?

  • If jelqing was scientifically proven, there isn’t a actual physical product that a company doing the study can sell or benefit from their research. As there isn’t any major profit to be made from doing a study on jelqing, there aren’t many studies actually being done to see if this exercise really works.

Is Jelqing Hard To Do?

  • Jelqing isn’t hard at all, the movements of the exercises are pretty simple and basic to learn. It only requires dedication and patience. The slightly hard part is learning how to do it the right way. It is very similar to masturbation, you don’t need any tools or products, just your hands and some lubrication and warm cloths.

Are Jelqing Results Permanent?

  • If you have managed to increase penis size by using jelqing, it will infact stay at that size. However, if you do damage your penis by performing the exercises wrongly, its best if you see a doctor in order to get things back to the way they were before.

How Long Does Jelqing Take For Results?

  • A lot of programs say that you’ll be able to see results quickly like in a couple weeks or so, that’s usually just a sales pitch to get you to buy their product. With a proper regimen of properly conducted jelqing exercises, most men report to have showing results in 6 weeks. As a proper program will always ask you to start your regime off slowly, initial first few weeks you might not see visible results, but as you start working your way up to longer sessions, you will definitely see results. Don’t pressure yourself, it works, so matter how long it takes for you personally, as long as it works its all good.

Does Jelqing Increase Length?

  • This is the main sales pitch of all male enhancement exercises, products or programs. As in with jelqing this is the first promise that all programs guarantee you. Reports from almost all men that have used and performed jelqing properly say that there is definite visible penis length improvement after 6 weeks.

Does Jelqing Increase Girth?

  • As most of the focus is on length gain, it stands to reason that there will be an obvious increase in penis girth, as these exercises cause more blood into all of the cells and causing a more swelled up penis shaft and head .

Does Jelqing Make You Last Longer?

  • Premature ejaculation and penis size and length are two completely separate issues. However, by jelqing you are constantly training your penis to withstand from being over sensitive which causes PE. So yes, it does help with men suffering from premature ejaculation.
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