How Are Male Sexual Problems Diagnosed?

Millions of men across the globe suffer from various sexual problems that affect both their relationships and their lives. These issues are not only bothersome, but also very embarrassing for those who experience them.

Among the most common male sexual problems, there is premature or inhibited ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, orgasm disorders and such. Here you will find detailed information regarding how are male sexual problems diagnosed.

First and foremost, it is highly important to know that approximately 30% of men suffer or have suffered from the above-mentioned male sexual problems. In other words, these dysfunctions are very common and most of them can be easily cured with medication and/or therapy. It must be mentioned that male sexual problems are caused either by psychological factors (such as anxiety or stress), or by physical factors (various medical conditions or the use of certain medication). Either way, it is essential to correctly diagnose a dysfunction in order to treat it properly.

In what regards diagnosing these sexual problems, the first step is to identify the problem and seek professional help. The doctor will start with the history of the symptoms and he may order a series of tests in order to identify the culprit behind your sexual dysfunction. These tests are of utmost necessity, since they help the doctor figure out whether the dysfunction has a physical or a psychological cause. For instance, the blood tests may reveal low levels of testosterone, which is responsible for the lack of libido.

After the tests, the patient may be referred to other specialists that will order further tests. Most of the time, the patient is referred to a psychotherapist that specializes in sex therapy. A sex therapist can help men who suffer from low libido, sexual addiction, undesired sexual fetishes and such. The sex therapist plays a crucial role in the process of diagnosing the sexual dysfunction, due to the fact that he or she can identify the psychological cause behind the problem.

Putting it in a nutshell, diagnosing a sexual dysfunction is not an easy task – in order to diagnose it correctly, the patient may have to visit several different doctors that will slowly rule out the possibilities until they reach the culprit. Besides the specialists mentioned above, the patient may have to see a neurologist or a urologist. Initially, the health care provider will give the patient a thorough physical exam to rule out some of the most common causes of sexual dysfunction (diabetes and high blood pressure).

Regarding the treatment for sexual dysfunction, it must be mentioned that some men only need psychotherapy in order to overcome the issues that are interfering with their sexual life. On the other hand, some men need medication to treat an existing condition.

In conclusion, this is how male sexual dysfunctions are diagnosed. Nonetheless, prevention is also very important – treating a dysfunction is not enough, it must be prevented from reoccurring in the future. This is why men who suffer from various sexual problems are encouraged to stop smoking or drinking in the long run.

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