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In this time and age, there is a lot of pressure most men about how they are in bed, and that goes to the size of their members as well. Many men feel like they are not good enough or that their penis is small. That is actually true in some cases and there is absolutely no shame in a man who wants to be better at sex for both him and his partners. That is why those of us who feel inadequate in their sexual performance want to change that and they resort to penis enlargement exercises.

penis enlargement exercises

Do Male Enhancement Exercises Really Work?

Male enhancement exercises have been proven to work by millions of men around the world. With that said, the results are different for each individual but that should be obvious. Even in regular workouts, the results are different for people.

Everyone’s body is different. So that means one man reacts differently to one exercise, and therefore, there are various results to different methods. The only conclusive result is that they work and that is the most important thing.

How Come Some People Say They Don’t Work?

People who say they do not work have never tried them and just dismiss them without knowing enough about them. And then there are those who have tried them but they were either not patient enough for the exercises to work or they did not follow the instructions correctly.

How Are These Penis Exercise Supposed To Work?

The way penis enlargement exercises work is that they force the ligaments on the penis to stretch. By doing so, the ligaments allow more blood to flow through the organ. As the results, they increase the penis size both in length and girth and most of these effects are permanent if enough time and care is given.

Are All Penile Exercises Safe And Effective?

That takes us to our next subject. penis exercises are one of the best way to increase size permanently and safely because of how it works. Like any other kind of workout, you have to take it slowly and you have to be patient in order to get results.

The key is to be patient. Most people are not patient enough and want to get the immediate gratification. Some even opted for surgery. Obviously, you don’t need to be reminded that surgery is dangerous and leads to scars and lots of downtime and discomfort.

Performing penis enlargement exercises can work and the results can be permanent as long as you give it enough time and effort. In the end, it depends on the individual person, how much time and effort they want to invest.

Benefits of performing penis enlargement exercises

There are huge benefits on doing male enhancement exercises.

  • The penis will increase in length and girth by the stretching of ligaments and the increased blood flow.
  • The erections will be harder, longer and bigger.
  • In addition, orgasms are better and last longer. Lastly, a person that has performed penis enlargement exercises has much greater control on their ejaculation and their erection over someone who has never done anything like that.
  • An improved sex life for everyone involved and a boost of confidence to the man that performs better sexually. This is because even though some of these exercises are purely to increase the size of the organ, other exercises like kegel ones are aimed at maintaining better control over your organ and your climax.

Penis Enlargement Steps

Warm-up: As with any kind of workout, you have to warm up the penis before trying out any exercises as it will help prevent injuries and will substantially increase and improve the results of each exercise. The usual warm-up consists of putting a semi hot towel around the penis for a few minutes. This is done because the organ needs to be relaxed to allow a better blood flow and for the ligaments to stretch easier. You can also use other methods to warm the penis like an infrared light lamp.

Stretching: It does not get more basic than this exercise. It is all the name suggests and nothing more. The usual exercise is to grab the penis almost by the forehead and then stretch it for a certain amount of time in one direction. The procedure is usually to stretch it forward first and then in other positions accordingly. It does not matter if you stand or not usually but what matters is that you do not have an erection, especially if you are just beginning to exercise your penis as it is much harder on the penis to exercise it while erect. Later on you will probably be able to do it while erect but you should always start in the safest way possible and move upwards.

Jelqing: Also nicknamed milking, this exercise is exactly that. The person has to apply an “OK” type of grip on the base of the penis with their thumb and index finger. Then, you have to grip semi hard and move upwards in a milking motion till you reach the glans and stop there. The motion is repeated for a certain amount of times depending on the level. It is also very important that the stroke lasts no less than 3 seconds. This is a deceptively hard exercise as it is quite hard to maintain a consistent grip and to stroke the penis in the same amount of time each time but it is also one of the most important male enhancement exercises, a part of every routine and a perfect way to increase the organ in both length and girth, strengthening the skin in the process as well.

Kegel exercises: Even though kegel exercises have nothing to do with increasing the size of the penis, they help in other ways. First of all, they provide better erections and a much greater control over both the erections and the eventual climax. They also help a lot with erectile dysfunction, leading a lot of people to call them a natural alternative to medicine like Viagra. They are a part of almost every male enhancement routine and they help in improving one’s sex life a lot.

Hanging: This is one of the most dangerous penis enlargement exercises and it is usually not recommended for beginners as it can cause serious injuries if used unsuccessfully or carelessly. A very important thing to note is that this exercise should only ever be done when completely flaccid otherwise risk for injury is too high. The process for hanging is to wrap the penis to prevent injury, apply a hanger and then apply weights. The results come from the stretching of the skin. However, since hanging prevents normal blood flow, sessions longer than 20 minutes should not be attempted. In fact, beginners, especially uncircumcised ones, will want to do the exercise for less than 20 minutes to allow the actual skin to strengthen and be able to take more pressure than usual.

What Results Can You Expect?

Most male enhancement exercises are safe. However, beginners rarely understand the exact way to do an exercise, which can be dangerous. Guides should be followed to the letter to avoid serious injury. If you do the exercises correctly and you do not put more pressure on the penis than you are supposed to, then injuries can be avoided and the exercises become as safe as anything else.

Given enough time and effort, results are permanent. You can expect increased length and girth, better and harder erections, more control over the erection and the ejaculation given that you do the exercises correctly. Patience is a very important thing. And the exercises always have better results when combined with other methods. For more information on this, visit the natural male enhancement guide.

How To Perform The Exercises Effectively And Avoid Injury

Usually, beginner routines last no more than 30 minutes and they involve the most basic forms of the exercises. In addition, the exercises should not be done every day. You can work out a schedule on your own for this but you should never do more than 2 consecutive days of penis workout when you are just beginning. An example routine for people new to male enhancement exercises is listed below:

  1. Warm up for 5 minutes using whatever method you prefer.
  2. Penis stretch for 5 minutes. Use 10 sets of 30-second stretches.
  3. Jelqing for 10 minutes. Complete around 200 milking motions of 3-seconds. Adjust accordingly if you want the milking motion to last longer.
  4. Warm up again for 5 minutes to let the penis relax.
  5. Perform 50 kegel exercises, 5 seconds for each one. Adjust accordingly.

Tips on how to do the exercises correctly

The best way to ensure you are doing the exercises correctly and that you have as much information available to you as possible is to buy a penis enlargement exercise guide. (Check out my list of the best male enhancement guides)You will get pictures and videos detailing the exercises so that you know for sure if you are doing them correctly.

  • Choosing a good guide is difficult, especially for amateurs. There are some things that distinguish legitimate good guides from scams.
  • First of all, look for proof. Clinical trials, medical proof and testimonials are some of the things you need to look out for when considering to buy a guide.
  • Ask if they offer a money back guarantee. No scam guide will offer this so you can easily make the distinction between them.
  • Search the internet, not just their own website as you do not know if they are lying or not. If they are not online guides, look at the shipping costs.
  • Also ask them what the shipping details are. Most legitimate companies offer discreet shipping so no one knows what you’re up to.

In conclusion, penis enlargement exercises work. Proof is everywhere. With that said, you have to be careful as it is dangerous but if you give it time, you will see the results. Of course, if you are not patient or simply do not have enough time to devote to this, you will not see results. But if you’re willing to do the work and want faster results, you can speed up the process by combining the exercises with a penis pump and a penis extender as describe in this guide to natural penis enlargement.

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