Will Penis Enlargement Oils And Creams Really Make You Bigger?

Penis enlargement oils, creams, and gels are a quick, but temporary way to achieve an increase in penis size. It is a suitable solution for those who are looking for an immediate temporary quick fix!

The way these things work is that they increase the levels of nitric oxide in the penis, allowing more blood to flow. As a direct result, you get bigger and harder erections.


Not only does it work as a quick fix to enhance the size of your member, you can also achieve better orgasms.

There are millions of men that can vouch for their efficiency but beware of anyone telling you the effects are permanent because they are not (Unless you combine it with some jelqing exercise).

With that said, this is a quick way to improve your sex life in a very easy and efficient way but the effects last only when the oils, gels or creams are applied.

Who Is Penis Enlargement Oils And Creams Most Suitable For?

If you are fine with the size of your penis or if you just want to see how it would be like to have harder and potentially better erections with an increased size, then penis enlargement gels, creams, and oils are perfect for you.

Is This Type Of Product Safe?

Most of the products manufactured by trusted companies are very safe. You can apply the oil, gel, or cream on prior to having sex. And if you are not satisfied you can simply stop using them and be done with it.

Many men have sworn by the premium products out there. Be sure to look for the ones that are proven to work. Their names are mentioned in many male enhancement forums or communities.

Benefits of using male enhancement oil, gel, or cream;

herbal ingredients in penis enlargement products

  • Using such ointments will give you a glimpse at an improved sex life at minimal cost. Penis enlargement exercises work as well but they take a lot of time and dedication, while stuff such as this takes minimal effort.
  • You only need to apply them on your penis for them to work and be done with it.
  • They are extremely easy to use and can even be used as a toy with your partner.
  • First-time users should apply the oil, cream or gel on their own so that they can test how the formula works for them and they can also test the amount they need or prefer. After that, you can tell your partner what to do.
  • Since these ointments usually require the user to apply them while gaining an erection, they can be a substitute for foreplay and since they are very safe to consume and to be used for oral sex as well, you can do that.
  • The effects are visible immediately. Your erections will be bigger, harder and will last for a longer amount of time.
  • When you reach climax, you can see the difference in the orgasms as well. They will be more intense and they will also last longer.
  • You can maintain an erection far longer than you would usually be able to and as such you can have an improved sex life.
  • They also give you better control on when to ejaculate so that you can last even longer if you choose to. Male enhancement oils, creams, and gels will surely surprise you with what you can do if your erections were simply better.
  • Keep in mind that the effects are not permanent, however. You can also use them with a condom without a worry.

What Are The Ingredients Used In Most Products?

The ingredients used for such male enhancement creams, gels and oils are usually natural and are generally safe to even consume, which means you can have oral sex without worrying about toxic chemicals.

If you buy the products from trusted companies, you also do not need to worry about dangerous ingredients on your most sensitive organ.

It is their primary protocols to have all the ingredients in the products medically tested and proven safe.


  • One very important component is Arginine which has been previously used to treat erectile dysfunction and has been proven to help with bigger erections.

Botanical ingredients

  • Some of the usual ingredients used for such ointments are pure water, aloe vera extracts, olive oil extracts, vitamins, tree bark, plant seeds and various other fruit extracts aimed mainly at maintaining their vitamins and properties for topical medication.

Aloe Vera Soothing Properties in Penis Enlargement Oitment

  • Some of them even offer artificial flavors for better pleasure during oral sex.
  • Every ingredient used has already been tested to be safe for both topical application and oral ingestion as the makers of such male enhancement creams know that people have oral sex along with regular sex.

Word Of Cautions

  • These products are very safe to use unless of course, you are allergic to any of the ingredients. So do some research before buying them.practice-safe-sex-nmeworld
  • It is your job as a responsible consumer to find out any possible potential allergic reactions.
  • Failing that, for example, you bought them before thinking about the allergic implications they might have for you; there are a number of things you can do.
  • First of all, if you have applied such an ointment and you notice inflammation of the skin or unnatural itchiness, you should immediately stop the application and pour a lot of water on the area.
  • For safety purposes, you should always apply the topical medication in another area rather than the genitals first.  For example, putting some cream on your leg can show you if you are allergic or not and the implications on your leg will be far less severe than those in the genital area. This is true for any type of ointment and it is a very important thing to keep in mind.
  • The effects should be visible immediately after the male enhancement cream, oil or gel has been applied. You will see a huge difference in the size of the erection, the hardness and the sensitivity of the penis. Such ointments are usually safe for both condom and condom-less use.

If you want the effects to be permanent or if you want to achieve the best results out of penis enlargement creams, oils and gels you have to combine them with other methods such as the ones described in the natural male enhancement guide .

Don’t Go For The Cheapest You Can Find?

When looking into options for buying a male enhancement cream, gel or oil you should always skip the cheapest ones. You think you will save money, but since the genital area is a very sensitive one it will be worth to pay a little bit extra.

Paying a little more is nothing compared to the safety legit ointments will give you. If you buy the cheapest one just for sake of saving a few bucks, then make sure you know all the ingredients listed are really what they put in there.

They might even just be scams that will do nothing t your penis if they do not cause any problems.

Spending a little more is the safest way. That, of course, does not mean that more expensive equals better in every case. You should always check these things thoroughly.

Check if they have been medically tested, if there have been clinical trials, if the testimonials on their site and elsewhere on the internet confirm what they say. If not, then quickly dismiss them and move on as they are most likely scams.

In addition, you should check if they offer a money back guarantee. If they do not state it anywhere on their website, then be suspicious.

Also find out about their shipping policy. Be sure to always buy from those with clear information. Check the costs and ask them what they write on the shipping address and what charges will appear on the credit card.

Most companies are very discreet about this and they even offer proof to you if you do not believe them. They will only list the company name usually which has nothing to do with the name of the cream or anything related to penis enlargement or sexual innuendos.

These Are The Trusted Products We Recommend

As far as the best male enhancement creams and oils go, there are two that I would safely recommend as they are the best in the market right now:

1. ProSolution gel makes this list for a lot of reasons.

Prosolution male enhancement gel

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  • First of all, all the ingredients they use are very safe and there have been many reports for the efficiency of this particular gel.
  • They also offer a complete money back guarantee over a period of a whole 67 days for unsatisfied customers.
  • In addition to the above, if you buy a package of supplements of 3 months and above, you can choose one of their complimentary gifts who add real value to your purchase. They are a real company with a call center and they are very discreet in their shipping as well. The name that appears on the credit card charges and on the shipping package is “Natural Health Sciences”.

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2. The second one is VigRX oil.

vigrx male enhancement oil

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  • VigRx is water based and is very safe for both condom use and for oral sex.
  • There are also a lot of testimonials regarding how effective and safe the product is
  • Their money back guarantee is for 67 days.
  • They are also a very discreet company as the name of the product does not appear on the charges so you have nothing to hide.
  • They also offer a lot of information on why their product works including testimonials from both amateurs and experts.
  • The name that appears on both the credit card charges and on the package that comes with shipping is “www.leminternet.com”

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3) The third one is Instant Performer®

instant-performer users testimonials

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  • The ingredients are unique: the blends are some of the most powerful and effective natural ingredients available on the market…
  • They are powerful yet natural and safe ingredients…
  • The product comes with 180 satisfaction or your money back guarantee…

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In conclusion, penis enlargement oils, gels, and creams are a perfectly legitimate way to improve your sex life.

It is fast, easy and relatively cost effective.

In contrast to penis enlargement exercises and other methods to increase penis size, the effects are immediate but they do not last.

They are very safe to use and they are perfect if you just want a glimpse of what you can do if you had better erections and an improved penis.

Since every legitimate ointment company offers a money back guarantee, you have nothing to lose if you just want to try the products and check them out for yourself.

If you are satisfied, you can always continue using them while if you are not, you can just return them and only have to pay for the shipping costs associated with them.

Keep in mind that the effects are only temporary. If you want to see a permanent and substantial increase in penis length and girth then check out my guide to natural penis enlargement.




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abu siddik - March 20, 2018

I want to my panis begger sige. how can take this product?

    Jamison Wendt - June 30, 2018

    This is for topical use. Try it out by yourself before you use it with partner just to find out how much of the product you’re comfortable using.
    Then use it with partner as a foreplay as it gives instant fix. But this is not going to be permanent enlargement unless you combine it with jelqing exercises.


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