Penis Enlargement Reviews – Do These Products Really Work?

When it comes to penis enlargement reviews, a lot of you might be asking, “do these products really work?” Dr. Robert Braun might be able to answer a few questions you have on your mind.

does penis enlargement extender work

Who is Dr. Robert Braun?

Dr. Robert Braun is a General Practitioner in the greater Los Angeles area of California who has been practicing medicine for over 20 years. He has ventured into a lot of different medical arenas over the course of his practice but most noted for his medical support to both professional athletes and Hollywood celebrities and movie stars.

The doctor has been an industry leader in medical support and diagnosis of male penis enlargement tactics and practices. His efforts have yielded not only knowledge and understanding of this topic, but a voice of credibility and relevance to address this misunderstood, but highly sought answer to the theory of male enlargement.

He has also authored numerous articles in such magazines as Muscle and Fitness Magazine, Men’s Health, Men’s Fitness and many medical periodicals, and hosted his own radio shows.

In his professional opinion, there are only two legitimate means for physically and permanently increasing the size of a man’s penis. One naturally and one surgically. As for the later, Phalloplasty (medical term for penile augmentation surgery) should only be considered as a last resort and mostly for men with drastic Micro-Penis Syndrome or those with penile deformities. The cost of penile enhancement surgery alone can run as high as $12,000.00!

From the standpoint of non-surgical means to garner real and permanent results in a safe, effective, medically-backed and affordable device like a high-quality penis extender is currently the most anatomically correct, precision-designed penile extension unit on the market today. From his practices and treatments the extender satisfies all of his medical concerns and allows his patients a perfect alternative in penile enhancement that will permanently enhance and increase the size of a man’s penis.

Well worth the investment of a few hundred dollars, the high end penis extender or a good penis enlargement device (in combination with a reliable, high-quality male enhancement pills) is the perfect compliment to a livable, comfortable and attainable penile enhancement program. I give it my complete approval for men of all ages

Penis Enlargement System with proven and tested methodologies through the centuries

natural penis enlargement

The Penis Enlargement Penis Extender approach is to concentrate on the potential of developing the healthy male penis by using a combination of traditional herbal botanicals and natural mineral nutrients plus the best of modern sexual science. Rather than invasive, dangerous surgery, we advocate natural methods that men can practice themselves and use to achieve their own goals for sexual health.

Penis Enlargement – Penis Extender System relies on the body’s own ability to respond and grow helping men overcome sexual concerns by reaching their sexual fulfillment through safe and natural means.

Materials and Methods

  • Number of patients: 18 patients ranging from 23-47 years
  • Inclusion: normal erectile capacity and no penile surgery
  • Exclusion: chronically diseased
  • Traction force: 0-2 weeks = 900-1000g; 2-24 weeks = 1000-1200g
  • Treatment period: 12 hours daily 7 days a week 8 to 24 weeks
  • Follow up: every 2 weeks

Successful tissue expansion

“The concept of the penis extender is just like the ritual in South America where the Suya tribesmen of the Amazon have practiced ritual lip and ear stretching for spiritual and cultural reasons. Young men of the tribe had their lips and ears pierced when still young, and over several years stretch them sufficiently to hold disks several inches across. The amount of stretching that was attained could equal 300% size increase or more from the original size of the tissue. (see picture on right) The penile enlarger system or penis extender method applies the same principle as the above. Known fact tissue grow under constant pressure…”

Permanent penile enhancement

The penile extender is the worlds leading penis enlargement device. Developed in Europe by Jorn Ege Siana, M.D., a certified specialist in general and plastic surgery, penis enlargement will increase the length and girth of your penile using the exact same physical principles that are used in the examples above.

Use Penis enlargement extender for just 3-5 hours each day and you’ll see results after 4 to 8 months. The device is low profile enough to fit inconspicuously beneath loose clothing. You can break up the time intervals morning and evening. The point to remember is that the longer you use it the better the results.

Penile enhancement, uses the principles of cell mitosis, which is the process by which cells divide to create larger amounts of tissue. Stretching puts a gentle tension on, pulling the cells apart. This intracellular tension causes the body to grow new cells to relieve the tension. Your penis enlargement extender actually generates and grows new tissue!

Overall, with the Penis Enlargement System you can expect:

  • A longer, thicker, larger penile even when relaxed and not sexually excited
  • Bigger, harder erections whenever you want them
  • A boost in sexual performance, stamina, and desire
  • More powerful, intense orgasms
  • Greater volume of ejaculate and improved quality of sperm
  • Improved control and delay of ejaculations, quicker recovery time after sex
  • Permanent growth, safely and without painful surgery.
  • Much better control, knowledge and mastery of your sex life

If you’re looking for a proven and reliable penis extender system, with the added benefits of firmer erections, improved staying power and performance, heightened orgasm intensity, and increased sperm volume and ejaculatory power, then users of the penis enlargement system will probably experience these results within a few weeks. The system is a completely safe and natural for enhancing length and girth.


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