Penis Stretching

Penis stretching is probably the oldest exercise used in male enhancement. It is part of every program that aims to increase penis size. It is also one of the most varied techniques, as it ranges from very simple, basic stretching to more complex ones combined with other methods.

However, most people have seen results from it and it is one of the most recommended methods to increase penis size, especially for people who are just getting started and should do less stressful and less dangerous exercises in the beginning.

penis stretching exercises

What is Penis Stretching?

Penis stretching is really what the name suggests. The purest and most basic form of the penis stretching technique only involves stretching the penis from the far end in order to enlarge it.

The ligaments of the penis increase and there are more room in the blood vessels for the blood to fill so the penis gains size.

Can You Grow Both Length and Thickness with Stretching Technique?

Usually, penis stretching is aimed at growing the length of the penis and not the width. More advanced techniques are said to help grow both in length and girth.

With that said, the techniques usually combine one or two exercises in order to achieve. So it takes more than just one penis stretching technique to achieve that effect.

That is not to say width cannot be achieved by stretching. The penis has a good chance of being thicker; it is just that the technique mostly revolved around stretching the ligaments so that it can increase length.

In addition, stretching should always be combined with other exercises anyway.

What Are the Expected Benefits from Stretching?

There are obviously a lot of benefits in using penis stretching exercises.

  • First and most obvious one is that the organ will increase in size and thickness. It can also help with the sensitivity.
  • Combined with other techniques it can also lead to better orgasms and a better control over sex.

Is Penis Stretching Safe?

Stretching is quite safe if done right. As with any penis exercise, it should never be overdone. Pain is a good indicator that you’re probably overdoing it. So if you ever feel any pain, you should immediately stop the exercises.

If the pain persists, stop the exercises all together and resume in a couple of days to allow the organ to rest.

Penis stretching is a quite safe way for penis enlargement and it is quite easy to do it in the comfort of your home.

As with jelqing, red dots might appear on the penis but they are only temporary and should go away in a manner of days.

Is there an age limit or restrictions to this?

Stretching should not be done by minors. The human body continues to change a lot during puberty and even after. The minimum age for stretching should be at 18 but waiting even longer might provide the person with better results.

How to get started with penis stretching technique

  • Penis stretching is very easy. First of all, every penis exercise requires warmup, otherwise, you are in risk of injuries that could have been easily avoided.
  • Warm up by placing a hot cloth over your penis for a few minutes. The cloth should not be too cold or too warm. In other words, it should not burn but it should still be hot enough to feel it.
  • After that, you can continue with the exercise. Grab your penis as close to the glands as possible without actually touching the glans at all.
  • Then, gently stretch your penis in various directions. For example, stretch in a straight line for a while, then stop and rest, then stretch it on the right, on the left and so forth.
  • Grabbing and stretching the penis while holding it from the glans is very dangerous and will be painful. You do not want any of that so you should always be careful on the grip.
  • If you feel inclined to do so, you can also do a warm up after the exercise is finished to let the penis rest. Some people might experience fatigue or a tingling sensation on their penis after the exercise is done. Warming up after you finish stretching your penis can help with those feelings.

What can you expect from using the technique?

The only actual issue with this is that stretching requires a lot of time and dedication from a person in order to achieve substantial results. It can take months to see a difference and you have to exercise almost daily in order to accomplish anything.

The results from stretching are usually permanent. That goes double if stretching is combined with other penis enlargement techniques and methods as described in the natural male enhancement guide (link).

Obviously, all penis enlargement exercises take time and devotion but the results are there for those who are patient enough. The problem is that most people do not have patience. This is the reason why they resort to dangerous techniques like hanging.

Hanging is the technique that requires hanging a heavy object from their penis in order to somehow train it and to stretch as far as possible. Anyone who just stops and uses common sense can see why this is dangerous. Other methods include penis stretchers which actually work as you can see in the Penis Extender Article


Cautions – Keep This In Mind if You Want to Use Penis Stretching Technique

As I said in the previous paragraph, results are there for those who are patient enough. The earliest major results are usually visible in a period of two months after the exercises have started. The key is moderation. If you overdo it, you have to let your penis rest for days which means that the actual long term goal is hindered.

Having said that, you need to be committed to do it often enough to see results, and that’s what makes this a little bit tricky. This is trickier because a lot of people are scared of exercising it thinking they might injure themselves. It takes time but it is not that hard to find the exact techniques that suit you.

New comers might want to consider the possibility of buying a guide. Even though another investment might seem dubious and unworthy, it will be worth it. Penis enlargement guides usually offer pictures, videos and voice over detailing the exercises and the reasons they work.

To sum up

There is no easier path to learning the exercises than looking at an expert performing them. This is obviously like any other exercise you would normally do, someone has to teach you and guides can do it for you. You have to be wary of scams however. People will try to take advantage of you with faulty guides. You should check the websites and the testimonials for the guides and you should also check whether or not they include some kind of proof, like pictures that are not photoshopped and actually show a difference or medical proof that it works. Only buy guides that offer a money back guarantee.

Overall, penis stretching will do wonders if you give it time. The penis will grow in length and thickness as the ligaments will grow and more blood will come to your penis. You can increase the quality of your sex life by a very good amount. To speed up and ensure the success of penis stretching, you should combine it with other exercises and a penis pump or a penis extender as described in the guide to natural penis enlargement (link).

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