Water Penis Pump – Hydro Vs Vacuum What To Get?

Why Use A Penis Pump And Not Other Devices?

Although there might be some other options to enhance the erection and increase the hardness and general size of their penis, the pumps provide some benefits that are worth considering.

The first is that penis pumps are not an invasive or painful method of penis enhancement. When done correctly, using a quality penis pump should not be uncomfortable or painful in any way.

Not only that, penis pumps can help those who suffer from erectile dysfunction, which often means there would be no need for other sorts of invasive or prescription treatment.

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What is the main purpose of a penis pump?

The pump is to help you get an erection or to maintain an erection and make the erection last longer.

Penis pumps are often used as a treatment option for erectile dysfunction and related conditions.

Some penis pumps are used as a treatment option for erectile dysfunction and related conditions. The bonus is we can use penis pumps to enhance the overall size permanently.

This happens by continually exercising the penis, and thus encouraging the growth of more erectile tissue from regular flow of blood into the penis area.

When it is done regularly, it’s like exercising your muscles; you get bigger, and stronger for longer period of time.

How do water penis pumps work?



Water penis pumps such as the Hydromax (read more here) or Penomet (read more here) have been designed to result in as much expansion as possible while using as little compression force as necessary.

This reduces the pressure and discomfort on the penis, particularly compared with that experienced with traditional vacuum pumps, whilst still resulting in the maximum amount of penis growth.

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Water penis pumps use a hydro force vacuum to create the pressure required for enhancing the penis, while at the same time allowing a much more balanced and evenly distributed pressure.

The result is that the entire penis is exposed and not just some parts, as may occur with vacuum pumps. To get the most out of a water penis pump, it should be used regularly, according to the directions provided by the manufacturer.

How are they different from vacuum penis pumps?

Water penis pumps like the Penomet (which is currently the only penis pump available that uses hydraulics) differ in a number of ways compared with traditional vacuum penis pumps.

For example, there is no external pump on a water penis pump, meaning they are smaller and less visually imposing.

Additionally, they are easier to use as you only need to press the pump towards your body, and the pressure is then created by a hydro force vacuum. Due to the nature of how the hydraulic vacuum works, the risk of the penis experiencing a dangerous amount of pressure, as can so often happen with vacuum type pumps, is essential eliminated.

Due to the nature of how the hydraulic vacuum works, there is significantly less risks from the pressure, which often happen with vacuum type pumps.

Are they safe to use?

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As mentioned above, the nature of hydraulics is what makes a water penis pump such a safe and innovative design compared with vacuum pumps.

Traditional penis pumps are generally the vacuum type, although the older ones are manually controlled.

Vacuum pumps require extremely careful operation so that too much pressure is not enforced onto the penis when the pump is being used.

In comparison, a water or hydraulic penis pump feature a number of important safety measures that are in place to help ensure that the penis is not put at risk of injury.

Are the results long term?

Penis pumping can be considered in the same way as we do about exercising other parts of the body. When it is done regularly, to a schedule, and maintained over the long term, we can expect to see permanent results.

The same rule can apply to using a penis pump; when used according to directions, a water penis pump can result in a man achieving a larger penis, as well as firmer and longer lasting erections.

If there is a periodic lapse in the use of the water penis pump, results may wane over time.

With that said it is very likely that as we see the improvements in our penis after using a quality water penis pump, we will be encouraged to continue using it into the future.

Warning: Stay away from The Poor Quality Pumps

When buying a penis pump that is of a poor design, or by using traditional vacuum pumps incorrectly, Peyronie’s Disease can develop.

This results in a deformity of the penis.

Pumps that have no built-in safety mechanisms should be avoided at all costs, as there is nothing to stop you accidentally exerting too much pressure on the penis, causing irreversible damage.

This is where the water pumps come in; due to the way water penis pumps work, this risk can be a problem of the past.

The above are the main reasons that a water penis pump is becoming a more desirable choice for men who are serious about both the safety and the results that they achieve from using a penis pump.

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