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Causes of Low Libido in Men

Let’s face it: none of us enjoy discussing sexual problems with our partner. When something isn’t working as it should in the bedroom the natural instinct is to stay quiet and hope and pray that the issue resolves itself naturally. This is an unhealthy attitude, of course, and we know that the best way to […]

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How Are Male Sexual Problems Diagnosed?

Millions of men across the globe suffer from various sexual problems that affect both their relationships and their lives. These issues are not only bothersome, but also very embarrassing for those who experience them. Among the most common male sexual problems, there is premature or inhibited ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, orgasm disorders and such. Here you […]

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Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

What is Erectile Dysfunction? Erectile dysfunction or impotency is the inability to attain or maintain an erection of the penis sufficient for satisfactory sexual performance. This most common sexual disorder can occur and affect men of any age. Small periods of erectile difficulties are not uncommon and there is nothing to be worries about. However, […]

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What Causes Sexual Problems in Men?

Sexual problems or sexual dysfunctions are problems that occur in any phase of an individual’s sexual response cycle, preventing him or the couple from getting sexual satisfaction. Sexual problems associated with men include: delayed ejaculation, diminished libido, inability to achieve or maintain erection and premature ejaculation. For many years, men have believed that these problems […]

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