Side Effects of Jelqing

Jelqing is a penis exercise that helps men to grow longer and wider penises through a series of routines over a period of several weeks or months.

On average, most men who do the exercises correctly get up to four more inches of length and about an inch more width. Like any other routine or program, there can be both positive and negative jelqing side effects.

With that said, like any other routine or program, there can be both positive and negative jelqing side effects.

Positive Jelqing Side Effects

jelqing exercise facts

Of course, the most positive jelqing side effects is the growth of a man’s penis in size, as this is the reason for doing the jelqing in the first place.

During the first few weeks of jelqing, the jelqing side effects include the penis skin getting tougher and more stretchy feeling, the blood veins will also get larger since this is the way it causes the skin to grow and produce a longer and wider organ.

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And the man’s erection should be starting to get harder and firmer over time as well.


Negative Jelqing Side Effects Possible

Red, black or purple spots on Penis

One type of jelqing side effects you may see if you don’t warm up the penis properly prior to doing the jelging exercises with a warm wet washcloth or a warm soak, then you may get some little tiny red or purple spotting on the penis.

This is the result of broken little tiny blood capillaries, but it usually isn’t dangerous.

It just means you need to be sure to warm up prior to doing the jelqing routines.

If, however; the spots are large, that means you broke a large number of these capillaries and are probably working the exercises too hard and should rest the penis for a few days until the spots subside.

The jelqing side effects you see are tiny black spots on the penis shaft, then that means you most likely didn’t use the proper amount of lubrication. These are bruises and the blood pushing up through the skin is what causes these to occur.

As with the other issue, a proper warm-up and using enough lubricate should make it so you don’t get these red, black or purple marks as jelqing side effects.

Donut-Looking Problems

If you are a circumcised guy doing the jelqing exercises, this donut effect could occur if you are jelqing too intensely or for too long ofproextender_016_250x250 a period of time.
These sorts of jelqing side effects are caused by too much fluid accumulating at the end of the penis shaft and causing a donut like looking swelling. (Not to mention that it is also painful.)

Normally, this swelling subsides in just an hour or two. An uncircumcised man can get a similar condition in his foreskin.

Since jelqing is an exercise involving the stretching of the penis tissues, such side effects that may occur is that the scrotum skin gets stretched out. The bottom part of the shaft of the penis is being stretched during the jelqing session.

This is hard to prevent. But if you are careful you can minimize it. Be sure to use enough lubricant and keep the penis moist and it should not occur.

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Too Much or Too Little Exercising

Another of the jelqing side effects sometimes is due to either doing the jelqing sessions too much or doing them too little.

If you don’t rest a day or so in-between each session, then it can result in actual shrinkage instead of additional growth. So be careful to rest the penis from time to time.

Instead, if you train too little, then the penis stops growing and then you will have to do some intensive sessions to get back on track.

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Arshan - April 6, 2016

If I do it 2 times every day so it decreases my length is there any chance to start over !?!or this bad side effect will be forever?becaue when I was 15 my length was 23cm or 9 inches now I’m 18 and it’s about 21 if I leave 2 days with out jelqing !!

    Jamison Wendt - June 30, 2018

    Hi I don’t think that’s the side effects from jelqing. It could be less testosterone production or just overall stress.

Jose - June 3, 2016

Jelqing worke for uncircumcised men virgin

Shah - October 31, 2017

How many times a day i should exrcise and for how much time.


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