Does VigRX Plus Really Work? Learn The Truth In This Review

If you’re trying to find ways to treat embarrassing conditions such as premature ejaculation, lack of hardness of your erection, low libido, then the wonders of VigRX Plus may be what you’re looking for.

More to the point, if you’re fed up with scams for penis enlargement or pills that are nothing more than Viagra derivatives, then it’s about time you consider this alternative solution and have a look at what it has to offer.

Your reluctance is understandable in light of how manipulative some of these other companies are in presenting their merchandises. But to know if it works, first, we need to understand how it is supposed to work.

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How Does It Work?

Vigrx Plus uses several natural male enhancement herbs to ensure the safest and most effective way to help men overcome their sexual problems.

Its natural ingredients work on your body in three different ways. These are things you can expect this supplement to do for you:

  • The herbs in the pills work as a natural aphrodisiac. They will increase your libido so you feel ready to go anytime you want…
  • This supplement also increases blood flow to the penis giving you longer and harder erections…
  • Lastly, the herbs increase the sensations on the penis making sexual encounters more pleasurable…

To really understand how it works we have to look at the ingredients:

vigrx for men herbal supplement


  1. Bioprene: A natural ingredient that enhances bioavailability – In other words, it helps your body use and absorb the potent enhancement herbs better.
  2. Damiana: An aphrodisiac used by ancient Mayan culture which has a reputation for increasing sexual stamina, allegedly gives you harder and bigger erections, and enhancing the intensity of orgasms;
  3. Epimedium Leaf Extract: Also called ‘Horny Goat Weed’, this ancient herb has been used for centuries as a libido and sexual enhancer;
  4. Ginko Leaf or Ginko Biloba: This herb is recognized around the world as a memory and mental clarity enhancer; however, more than 300 scientific studies have proved that it also has a positive impact on sexual function in men by increasing blood flow to the penis thus resulting in harder erections;
  5. Asian Red Ginseng: Ancient Chinese medicine used this herb as an aphrodisiac to treat erectile dysfunction, improve sexual libido and increase sexual stamina. It also functions similar to Ginko Leaf by increasing flow of blood to the penis for longer, harder erections;
  6. Saw Palmetto Berry: This is a unique natural herb many positive influences on the human body. It is effective in treating prostate issues, increases blood flow to the penis, balances hormones in both men and women, strengthens and builds muscle tissue and also has aphrodisiac properties!
  7. Muira Pauma Bark Extract: A natural male enhancement herb that has been used in Europe and South America for centuries to increase desire for sex and to treat erectile difficulties;
  8. Catuaba Bark Extract: This tree is found in the Amazon rain forests and it is an amazing potent herb that increases sexual desire, sexual libido, boosts stamina and even relieves fatigue. In fact, it has had a strong reputation for centuries as an energy booster.
  9. Hawthorn Berry: This fruit is rich in bioflavonoids and is a powerful antioxidant. It strengthens blood vessels, reduces cholesterol levels in the body and reduces plaque that clogs arteries. All this helps the blood flow more smoothly to your penis and the rest of the body.

According to the company’s claims and some users’ feedback, after using it for two or three months, you will be able to see that your penis has grown bigger while your sexual experience will be better.

Other than enhancing the length of one’s penis when it’s aroused, VigRX Plus supposedly helps to increase the girth and performance of the individual.


Why Use VigRX Plus and Not Viagra or Some Other Products?

It’s understandable for customers to feel more than a little leery at VigRX Plus, thinking that it’s yet another Cialis. You might even think it is another type of viagra to treat impotency and erectile dysfunction medication.

Those medications tend to promises the moon and the stars yet falls short in regards to everyone’s expectations. You don’t need to fear this medicine. It’s not snake oil and it’s not a dubious cure-all or panacea.

It does exactly as it says on its packaging: It treats problems with libido, sexual performance, and penile erection.

There’s no need for VigRX Plus to exaggerate its claims because what it can do is more than enough for it to become one of the most widely circulated drugs of its kind.

It’s certainly one of the more potent yet all-natural medicine you can find.


The Main Difference

Once you separate fact from fiction, you’ll see that what the VigRX Plus can give you is exactly what you asked for.

This claims can be backed up by its factual and real benefits when it comes to treating erection and libido issues.

It’s neither a scam nor a miracle cure.

It’s a supplement that when tested on seventy-five men (instead of lab rats or guinea pigs) for eighty-four days in a clinical study, it produced promising results and real data in regards to its effectiveness.

In short, the VigRX Plus difference lies in the fact that it was able to provide the volunteers tested by the world-renowned Vedic Lifesciences Pvt. Ltd. with the following positive results:

  • Overall sexual desire and drive were increased by 47% up to 61%
  • Sexual intercourse satisfaction was increased by 71.43%
  • Ease of penetration of sexual partner was increased by 59.97%
  • Orgasm frequency and quality were increased by 22.49%
  • The ability to maintain an erection was increased by 62.82%

=>Read more about VigRX Plus results<=

That’s just the summary of the study.

The number of encouraging results that the people at Vedic Lifesciences gathered were no less than astonishing, if not eye-opening (which is readily available online in the official VigRX plus homepage).

This data was then confirmed by a 2-year triple-blind study on men ages twenty-five to fifty, wherein half of them were given placebos.

You just can’t argue with the facts.

Is It Better Than Viagra?

Ever since Viagra (sildenafil) was patented in 1996 and became available to the public back when the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved its use for treatment of sexual dysfunction back on March 27, 1998.it became a huge success. We are talking netting billions of dollars in sales and becoming part of the nineties and the Internet’s popular culture.

It became a huge success. We are talking netting billions of dollars in sales and becoming part of the nineties and the Internet’s popular culture.

It’s a wonder drug that’s been featured in Time Magazine and is quite renowned as a pioneering medication in its own right. The contribution of Viagra to the realm of male enhancement cannot be denied.

The contribution of Viagra to the realm of male enhancement cannot be denied.

does vigrx pills really work

With that said, why would men choose VigRX Plus over the sales giant known as Viagra (also sold as Revatio)? and other male enhancement pills like Cialis (tadalafil) and Levitra (vardenafil)?

Or maybe even other male enhancement pills like Cialis (tadalafil) and Levitra (vardenafil)?

Simply put, it offers benefits that other pills can’t match.

In a direct comparison between VigRX Plus and Sildenafil, there’s a significant 47% improvement in sexual desire among males who took VigRX Plus when compared to the 13% improvement from those who took Sildenafil.

Granted, Sildenafil beats VigRX Plus by 6% when it comes to erectile function improvement (Sildenafil’s 66% over VigRX Plus’s 60.35%), but that’s a tiny difference when compared to the libido-increasing effects that the all-natural VigRX Plus has.

Does It Work As A Penis Enlargement Pill?

Unfortunately, there are no pills that can really enlarge your penis by themselves. What they do is that they increase blood flow to the penis during erection. This increases the girth and length which means your erections will be bigger and harder.

vigrx plus customer reviews

It can often take some time to big results as the tissue in the penis needs to expand.

As the tissue expands your penis might get bigger when flaccid, as some men have claimed.

I will be honest and say I have never seen this myself or met anyone who has gotten a bigger flaccid penis from using VigRX Plus. There might be websites trying to sell the product using false claims.

I do think these pills should be part of a penis enlargement program.

The increased blood flow will help you grow faster.

If you are looking for an easy and fast program to enlarge your penis, you should check out this guide.

Is It A Scam?

From the time this product was rolled out onto the market, it has seen a lot of interest and eventually a lot of success. However, there are some people who have complained about not seeing any improvement after use.

Even the best product may not deliver the same results when used by various people- often it will be their body not reacting to the product.

This just means that our bodies are different and that the pills work differently on a few people. So whether it’s a scam or a powerful and effective male enhancement solution depends on the person you ask.

One of the good things is that you get a 67-day money back guarantee if you buy from the official website(link). This way you can try it out and if it doesn’t work on you get a full refund.


Clinical Studies

The best way to find out how effective a product is will be to commission research as customers testimonials can be held open to question. There have been clinical studies carried out on 75 men and their findings have been recorded.

After 84 days the evidence was collected and the company was happy with the findings.

As success stories from users were not enough, and previous research was short term, a company – Vedic_Lifesciences Pvt. LTD was brought in to do more detailed research.

It took two years and eventually the 56-page report came out showing that the group taking VigRX performed better than the ones who had been given the placebo. The results were expected by the company but surprisingly good news for future customers.

Where to Buy Vigrx Plus and Get the Best Deals

At this point, you probably want to ask is ‘Where can I buy Vigrx pills?’. One thing to look out for is websites and shops selling fake pills. VigRX Plus is a very popular male enhancement product and there are many dishonest people trying to make some quick cash selling fake pills(link). This can be very dangerous as you don’t know what is in these fake pills.

Luckily you can get the real deal from the official website. Not only do you get the best product you also get:

  • 67-day money back guarantee (no questions asked)…
  • Discreet shipping with a shipping label from “Leading Edge Health.”…
  • And they use state of the art internet security so your credit card and privacy is safe…


The Price

The price per one box of 40 tablets is US$76.99

With that said, you can use the coupon code VPPlus10 to get 10% off. Or choose different packages to get lower price tags per box.

I am keeping a look out for the best deals and promotion on VigRX Plus here  so bookmark that page and come back often for great deals. As of now, you can save up to $434 if you buy the big package on the website (Yes $434!!).

I don’t know how long this offer will last. So if you want to get the best deal on VigRX Plus then I highly recommend you head over to their website right now and buy what you need.

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