My Personal VitaliKor Experience and Review

Hi all, my name is Kevin and I want to tell you about my personal experience with Vitalikor and how it fixed me of all my erection issues which started very early in life. When I was researching this product there was no personal experience information from actual users of Vitalikor and this is why I got my brother to help me make this website for other men who have been experiencing this same problem.

My Background

I had major erection problems at an early age or as my doctor (who I cannot name) called it Erectile dysfunction. The worse part about it is, I am only 34 which I thought was really embarrassing and I lived with this issue for years. Luckily for me, I am married to my beautiful partner and she has been understanding throughout, however we decided that we wanted children and that’s why I had to visit the doctor with her to see what we could do.

The doctor told me that this is actually more common than it sounds with younger males and it’s all related with my unhealthy and stressful lifestyle. He mentioned 2 or 3 solutions and he actually advised me against the blue pill, saying that this may not be a long term health solution. He advised the product Vitalikor which he gave me some information about. He recommended this because he mentioned that he had a patient in the past with a similar problem which was cured using Vitalikor. So I decided to do more research.

My Vitalikor Research

As I said earlier, I struggled to find some personal experience websites because the product is relatively new so I got as much information as I could. Here is some of the information that helped me to understand Vitalikor and make up my mind to buy.

  • My first reason is that Vitalikor is 100% natural, made from a combination of Chinese herbs and other plant-based nutrients. Medical professionals say that these ingredients help the increase of blood flowing to your penis and helps dilate the cells in the penis which is the main issue of Erectile dysfunction.
  • My Second reason for buying Vitalikor was due to the research and papers carried out by two of the top health Universities such as Standford University and the New York Medical College. In these university clinical studies, they say the formula of Vitalikor alone gave the ability to maintain an erection in 89% of subjects tested that suffered from moderate to severe erectile dysfunction which I feel is amazing.
  • And finally, this product has been Clinically Proven and Certified to be sold over the counter, proving that this product must work for both young men like myself and older men as well.

Of course, I was desperate to give it a go.

My Vitalikor Results

Before I tried Vitalikor, I always felt tired and struggled to get an erection and even ejaculate. Now, since using Vitalikor the results speak for themselves. I use Vitalikor on a daily basis with a recurring order. Our sex life is amazing and I feel my wife and I have a new lease of life. I get an erection instantly, I have a higher sex drive which is brilliant and I feel like all the problems are behind me. I have since been using Vitalikor for a year now and the further good news is that my wife and I are now expecting our first baby to be born in March 2012 and I put all of this new found happiness down to Vitalikor and of course many thanks to my doctor for referring this product to me.

I feel that if it can do so much for me then it can help others that are to shy to see a doctor about a problem that even though it is quite common, is also embarrassing. I would suggest that if you also have some kind of erection issues, then you should give it a try. If you want to ask me a couple of questions, you can contact me from this website but there is loads more information on the Vitalikor website as well. I have also put a couple of photos up for you to see with how the product is packaged and the size of the capsules.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any further questions and Good Luck Everyone 🙂

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